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Restoring the Balance of Power

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (‘ICBC’) has a monopoly on basic auto insurance in BC. Therefore, ICBC will use your premium payments to defend the person who injured you. This includes paying for the other driver’s lawyers to defend against your claim. Most noteworthy, ICBC will often spend more on their own lawyers’ fees than on compensating an injured claimant.

ICBC can also spend your money to put you under surveillance and have you assessed by doctors of their choosing. As a result, injured claimants are at a significant disadvantage because ICBC has enormous resources.

While it’s possible to represent yourself in a claim against ICBC, one should bear in mind the following figures relating to BC:


  • Licensed drivers


  • Annual MVAs


  • Annual MVAs resulting in injury (casualty-MVAs)


  • Chance of injury in a MVA


  • Statistical period between MVAs

    12 years

  • Statistical period between casualty-MVAs

    60 years

  • Total paid to ICBC per policy-holder in 60 years (approx. present value)



In 60 years of driving the average person can expect only one single casualty-MVA. So it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event for most. As a result, the assistance of an experienced lawyer is essential for navigating the complex claim process, and for “leveling the playing field” with ICBC.

Understandably, more than half of those involved in casualty-MVAs in BC are represented by a lawyer. In addition to maximizing compensation, legal representation allows claimants to focus on recovering while their lawyer deals with ICBC and all the legal and administrative issues.

Adam Pappin’s BC legal practice is devoted principally to helping motor vehicle accident victims recover maximum compensation for their injuries and to ensure that ICBC provides the benefits, entitlements and services necessary for healing quickly and completely. Due to the fact that Adam was previously a Senior Injury Adjuster with ICBC, his insight into the claims process is unmatched.